The General Education Center of Iwate:Management Policy

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This represents three pine trees and they symbolize the eternity of education. The crossing of the branches means we are going to push forward with our work, hand in hand with each other. The number three stands for the three departments of this center as shown on the next page.


"Everybody is shining, everything has its bright side"

Foundation and History:

  • 1948▼Educational Research Center, Iwate Pref. (Morioka city)
  • 1957▼Educational Seminar Center, Iwate Pref. (Ninohe city)
  • 1962▼Science Education Center, Iwate Pref. (Morioka city)
  • 1966▼Abolition of the three centers for integration▼Educational Center, Iwate Pref. (Morioka city)
  • 1975▼Educational Center Annex for Information Technology (Morioka city)
  • 1988▼Removal from Morioka city to Hanamaki city▼Inauguration of the General Education Center of Iwate

Main Contents 2Management Policy



The goal of the General Education Center is to promote and realize the basic concepts of Iwate's educational administration policies by creating and providing seminars, support, and research to enrich the professional development of teachers.


(1) To ensure that seminars, support, and research provided are practical and align with the vision of the educational administration policies in Iwate.

  • To create seminars for the purpose of improving scholastic ability and promoting community school in Iwate.
  • To make seminars and school visits by teachers' consultants productive and utilitarian in practice.
  • To provide and improve continuous educational counseling and seminars for professional development of teachers.
  • To carry out research along with schools and make it available to the public.

(2) To re-establish business by utilizing results of the evaluations and to promote the openness of the Educational Center by providing educational information to help solve the latest educational problems.

  • To improve business by utilizing the results of evaluations.
  • To provide various types of educational resources and information to the educational staff and people in Iwate.