The General Education Center of Iwate:Outline of business

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In-service Training

To aid in the development of the skills and abilities of the educational staff in Iwate, we provide the following seminars each year.

Basic Seminars

  • Seminars for newly recruited teachers, and for the teachers with 5, 10, and 15 years of experience

Professional Ability Seminars

  • Seminars for educational staff to further develop their professional skills and abilities
  • Seminars for one year and short term researchers

Open Seminars

  • Seminars to cope with specific needs (during summer and winter vacation)
  • Seminars to give assistance and advice to educational staff are provided all year round

Supporting System

Educational Counseling

  • Counseling for a variety of educational needs such as school life and the growth of mind and body from infancy through adolescence is provided for infants, students, parents, and educational staff.
  • Counseling sessions are available upon requests on Saturdays, as well as during the regular working hours of the Education Center.

Educational Resources

  • In order to enhance school education in Iwate, various types of educational resources, such as books and periodicals, are collected and made available to all the educational staff in Iwate.
  • The library has a variety of books, periodicals and brochures related to education and they are available for loan (15,337books,44,693brouchures)
Web-page (
  • The Web-page of the Education Center provides educational information, such as: General Information about the Education Center, Research Projects, In-service Training, Support System, Introduction of Each Room, Educational Links, Schools in Iwate
Educational Information for Iwate (
  • Educational information is provided to assist in the usage of multimedia


  • In order to make the research public, we publish:
    Chronicles of Education in Iwate Prefecture, Journal of Education in Iwate, Annual Research Reports, Annual Educational Research by One-year Researchers, and News from the Education Center


  • In order to make the current trends in education better understood, varied practical research is carried out.
    The main fields of research are: School Management, Progress in Scholastic Ability, Educational Counseling, Information and Communication Technology, Special Support Education, and Curriculum Areas. Reports of each research are published in research publications and bulletins.
  • Research done by the Education Center in all grade levels from day nurseries through senior high schools, as well as, special support schools is reported during the annual symposium that will be held on February 17th and 18th, 2010.